We have finally decided on a license for jasabe, so we've posted the source code. It's almost all Java, most of it requires the JDK1.4. Ben will be posting instructions on how to get it working shortly. In the mean time, feel free to contact us if you have questions.

The binaries are also available. These are for both the client and the server. The client has been tested on Mac OSX and Windows, version 0.1 was also tested on Debian GNU/Linux.

The server has only ever been run on Debian, though it has been tested on Intel and PowerPC. The server should also run on Solaris and Mac OSX with little to no changes..

We really need to write some documentaion describing the _very_ tedious installation for both the client and server. (Especially the server...) Until we do, contact us if you want to play.

Cyberscape Files:

Cyberscape Version 0.2+ Sources
Cyberscape Version 0.2+ Binaries

All SourceForge releases

DivX video of Cyberscape in action (2MB)
High-quality DivX version of the video (8MB)

Related Files:

VRML plugins for Windows and Mac OSX.

The only Linux VRML plugin we could get working was Windows' Cortona VRML plugin through Codeweaver's Plugin. If you manage to get it working with FreeWRL or one of the other OSS VRML plugins please let us know! Logo