JaSaBe News

April 15th, 2004

We got the Sourceforge page! If you're reading this, you know it already!

Thank you SourceForge!

We're still moving everything over, the downloads won't work for the next little while, sf wants us to do that with their "files" mechanism...

April 12th, 2004

We've applied for a SourceForge project. Assuming that goes well, we'll be using their CVS/mailing lists/bug tracking system for future development. If we can use their pipe, we'll also announce that we exist.

March 8th, 2004

Jasabe is now Open Source! We _finally_ picked a license. The AoGPL is based on the GPL but has an additional condition that forces server source code to be available too. (The standard GPL only requires contribution of distributed source code.)

We still need to put up documentation on how to compile everything and get it up and running, but in the mean time, anyone can download the code.

Jan/February 2004

Jason created an initial site structure using ssi. Ben is in the process of converting it to PHP. Content from the old cyberscape site and Sarah's presentations are also being added to the site.

January 2004

jasabe.ca and jasabe.org are launched! The new site is still under construcion, check back again soon.
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